Look who brought sexy back….AGAIN!

Sienna is at it again.  On the heels of the success of her first book, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles,” comes the second in her series, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas.”

The book is part travel guide, a lot of history, a lot of sexy and a great insider’s guide on what to do both on and off the Las Vegas strip.


Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas

Sienna Sinclaire


“I really wanted to write a book combining my two passions – travel and sex,” says Sinclaire.  “I think my second book delivers something truly unique and is a great follow up to my Los Angeles travel guide.”


For locals and visitors alike, who want to experience something naughty in Los Angeles, look no further!  Naughty lifestyle expert Sienna Sinclaire’srecently released second travel book, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas covers everything saucy in Sin City – from dining to shopping to clubbing while also delving into the history of each venue.  So rather than surf the internet for hours trying to finding fun in the most exciting city in the States, this single gal by choice compiled all the naughty information that’s fit to print for those looking for something different to do around town.

Sinclaire serves as a personal tour guide, leading the reader through planning the perfect getaway for singles, couples or just the girls.  A must read for anyone planning to visit Las Vegas that makes Las Vegas sexy – not sleazy or slutty.


This blonde bombshell is also an award winning author of her self-published books, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles,” with her next title, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas,” out now.


In addition to over eight years spent in the adult industry as a burlesque dancer and sex coach, Sinclaire has devoted her time as a freelance writer on the topic of all things naughty and has developed the first and only “Naughty Tours of Los Angeles” and hosts weekly naughty events in Los Angeles.


  • Female friendly places to visit where one can feel safe and tap into your inner naughty side

  • The naughty history of Las Vegas and the entertainment industry

  • Las Vegas – the home of sin and sex

  • Where to find sexy date spots, Swinger Clubs, Best Fetish parties and more

  • Tips to spice up your relationship with suggestions in the book

  • Tour guide reference for everyone in Las Vegas, not just visitors


Traveling the world to find the quintessential naughtiest places, Naughty lifestyle expert Sienna Sinclaire stands behind all of her naughty suggestions in her book, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas.  With her in depth research of visiting each and every spot, Sinclaire teaches people how to live a naughty lifestyle, which just so happens to include extensive traveling.


“My passion has always been traveling and I’ve always wanted to have a job in travel, but I didn’t know exactly what,” says Sinclaire.  “So I started a travel blog where I would post all of my naughty travels around the world and people started to respond and offer suggestions.  It became so popular that I first decided to write a book on Los Angeles, since this is where I live.  And when that was received to rave reviews, the natural progression was to write about Las Vegas.”


In a sexy, sultry and riveting interview, author Sienna Sinclaire can talk about:

  • Why she chose to become the naughty lifestyle expert

  • Favorite naughty spots in Las Vegas and Los Angeles

  • Naughty things to do in other cities

  • Why people need to loosen up when it comes to the word “naughty”

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Being confident in yourself, embracing your sexuality and all things you do

  • How to have a positive attitude about sex

  • Why she’s single by choice

  • Tour guide reference for everyone in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, not just visitors

“Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles” FEATURED:

Chicago Tribune, LA Observed, Yahoo! Travel, Toronto Star, PINK Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, Single Minded Women, Female First, KLAS, KROQ, New Media Travel, Singular Magazine, XBIZ, Porn Life Magazine, Hollywood Men and more



First Place: Indie Book Awards

Bronze: IPPY Awards



To learn more about Sienna and her many websites, please visit: www.siennasinclaire.comwww.naughtytravelguide.com andwww.naughtyliifestyleexpert.com.


Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas is available for purchase in stores at Hustler and Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles, and worldwide at www.amazon.comand www.naughtytravelguide.com.


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