To Brave the Deck

You joined me just in time. At this moment, I’m watching justice doled out in the form of an irate toddler in a tutu trying desperately to whack her brother with the fin of her mermaid doll, in the attempt to ward him off from chasing [...]

Unrequited Sandwiches

“I think she thinks I think she thinks I think they’re great …but they’re actually not.” Hello Readers, You’ve caught me in the middle of trying to decide whether to tote all the children to the petting [...]

Crying to Attain Maximum Drama: In 10 Fun Steps

Morning Readers, I hope everyone’s weekend was satisfactory. Everything at the Kellerman house flowed smoothly. All children, pets and frazzled parents accounted for, and Husband I were only required to participate in three hundred games [...]

Top Five Ways To Survive Being Snowed In With Your Children

I’m reporting to you live from the Split-level. Surrounded by snow, holding on to sanity, the Kellermans are in close quarters but still in tact. Barely. In case you missed the news, Nature decided it hated Kansas and tried to white it [...]